Car OBDX1 OBD GPS Locator Tracker Scan Tool

Car OBDX1 OBD GPS Locator Tracker Scan Tool
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Product Description

1. Ignition/flameout condition
Each packet uploaded by the host contains ACC ON/OFF state
2. OBD standard fault code
Vehicle starts, and in 30 km/H speed, master the opportunity to automatically detect the vehicle state, real-time
reporting vehicles of P (power system), C (chassis system) and B (body system), U (signaling system) series fault code
3. OBD standard data flow
After the vehicle is started, the main engine will automatically report the vehicle engine speed, speed, battery voltage,
temperature and other OBD standard data streams, and check the status of the vehicle remotely
4. Vehicle movement detection
The 3D triaxial acceleration sensor can sense the mobile state of vehicles in real time, such as vehicle movement and
vehicle collision

5. Ignition and quenching warning
When the vehicle ignition and quench the fire, the main opportunity to report the vehicle ignition, quenching event
6. Drive down reminder
When the main engine detects that the vehicle battery voltage is lowered to a certain value, the battery will be
reported to hold down the alarm, and the sampling voltage will be 12.2v (set) after sleep, and the ignition event will be reported
7. The positioning time is too long
When the device is not fixed for a long time, it will be reported for a long time (5 minutes)
8. Idle too long to remind
Under the ignition condition, there is no speed of the rotating speed, and it lasts for 10 minutes. It is considered that the
idle speed is too long, and the idle speed is over long and the delay time and event are reported
9. Trailer reminder
The vehicle did not start, but detected that the vehicle was moving, (greater than 20KM/H, lasting 120S) and the main
opportunity was reported to the trailer
10. Vehicle collision warning
During the driving process, the vehicle is detected to have a collision (any one of the three axes changes more than 3g),
and the main opportunity is reported to the vehicle collision warning
11. GID GPS module fault warning
If the GPS can be powered normally, no GPS data will be received for 20 seconds, and then the GPS module will be
reported for failure warning
12. 3D sensor failure warning
The 3D sensor can't detect the change of any axis of the three axis for 60 seconds, then it will report the fault of the
3D sensor
13. Rollover reminder
There is a value of X, Y and Z on the terminal, and the Angle of X, Y and Z changes more than 45 degrees when
the power is on any axis of X, Y and Z, and lasts for 30 seconds, then the alarm is reported
14. Speed alarm
The maximum speed of the platform is set. When the GPS speed is greater than the set value, the speed alarm
is reported
15. Blind area filling function
When the terminal has no signal, the data is stored. There's a signal upload
16. Mileage statistics
Each packet uploaded by the host contains mileage statistics
17. Base station positioning
Base station location based on SIM card operator
18. Remote upgrade
Support terminal remote upgrade
19. Dormant shutdown
Last 60 s flameout, terminal into dormancy, reconfigure the 3 d is complete, lasts 30 s no vibration, no ignition
to enter a dormant state, in the process of dormancy, about 15 s wake up once, 14 hours report awaken a heart condition


Product NameOBD GPS Locator Tracker
Dimension41 * 47 * 22MM
Alarm Mode Fence Alarm, Overspeed Alarm, Mobile Alarm, Power off Alarm

Package Included:
1 X OBD GPS Locator Tracker

Car OBDX1 OBD GPS Locator Tracker Scan Tool

Car OBDX1 OBD GPS Locator Tracker Scan Tool

Car OBDX1 OBD GPS Locator Tracker Scan Tool
Car OBDX1 OBD GPS Locator Tracker Scan Tool
Car OBDX1 OBD GPS Locator Tracker Scan Tool
Car OBDX1 OBD GPS Locator Tracker Scan Tool

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